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Mentor Program

ESN Gdańsk in terms of Mentor Program can help you during your first weeks at Gdańsk University of Technology. Mentor is a polish student who will pick you up form train station or airport and take to the students dormitory. In case of any problems at University or with some daily life questions you can contact with him. They will be your guide! laugh

If you are our future Erasmus you have to fill in On-line Erasmus Application for Accommodation in Students Dormitory also you can contact with us via mail in advance to get your personal Mentor. Then during holidays or few weeks before your arrival at GUT you will be contacted by your Mentor.

It's important to give to your Mentor information about your arrival date also to Vice president of Erasmus+ Program at to book your room in students dormitory.  
Before coming to Gdańsk remember that you have to contact with GUT Erasmus Coordinator from your Faculty.

Erasmus Mailing Group

During you stay you will receive invitation to erasmus.gdańsk mailing group. 
It's very useful to get all important information, about parties, trips and projects. Just to know what we offer you during your stay in Gdańsk.

ESN Gdańsk social media

The best way to be informed about our events is to follow us on our social media, where we are informing you about our events!

Our Facebook Page

Our Instagram Profile

Erasmus facebook group

There is nothing to explain - there you will find everything you need, about events, universities problems and solutinos and 'where is a praty tonight?' :) 

Polish phones and erasmus phone chat

It's good to buy a Polish sim-card, so you can use Internet without high costs!

There is always a WhatsAap group where you get informed about every event!

You can also text other Erasmus students to hang out and make plans on your own blush