ESNOLYMPICS is a Polish project organized by Erasmus Student Network, that allows foreign students from the whole Poland participation in a sport competition. The project follows the example of the Olympic Games. The winners of eliminations in Polish cities will compete in Warsaw for the title of the best Erasmus sport team in Poland.

Its origin can be found in many local sport initiatives, however, the first big sport competition between Polish universities took place in 2009 in Warsaw during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Erasmus Programme in Poland. The idea of this kind of competition was to both participants’ and organizers’ liking.  Foreign students who came to Poland trained very hard and demanded the organization of the next edition of this project. Therefore, in May 2011 eleven Polish cities fought for the title of the best Erasmus sport team in Poland. In April 2012 the nextnationwide edition of ESNOLYMPICS is going totake place in sport halls of the National Defense University of Warsaw. Competitors from the whole Poland will compete in 4 sport disciplines. 

Both participants and fans claim that ESNOLYMPICS is a fierce competition, which bringsunbelievable emotions, and most importantlyensures a friendly atmosphere in a multinational environment. We hope that this time the project will provide unforgettable impressions to all competitors again, and that in the future we will be able to develop the project on a European scale.

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