ESN events

There is a variety of events an programs organized by ESN Gdansk for incoming Erasmus students. 
You can find some info about them on our facebook group, mailing list and of course here on this website

Each year ESN Gdańsk prepare for you different possibilities to learn, travel and explore. Among the things you can expect are the following:

  • Orientation week (O-Faza)
  • Discover Europe
  • Each One Teach One
  • ESN Olympics      
  • ESN Travel
  • HeL(L) SuRFiN'
  • Saliling Trip
  • SocialErasmus

Orientation Week (O-Faza)

Orientation Week also called as O-Faza is a series of weekly events organized specifically for students who have come to our country from different exchanges. It is always held twice a year, at the beginning of each semester. The aim of the project is to show visitors the charm of Poland, cultural life and customs, as well as visiting Gdansk and the surrounding area. In the evening, you can see the Tri-City nightlife. Foreign students have the opportunity to integrate with each other and get to know people from ESN. There are organized tours in the old town, barbecues, integration activities, all-night parties at clubs and many others. O-Faza project is not only for international students. Poles also have a chance to get to know the city and new students during walks and other activities in which they can participate. The project is an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and assist them in taking their first steps in our country.

Discover Europe

Discover Europe is a photography competition held on all universities in the whole Europe.  It was created to promote intercultural dialogue, integration and discovering cultures and traditions. The participants are students from Poland who documented their stay abroad, as well as Erasmus students who stay in Poland during their exchange.   Aims of the competition:

  • Discovering two points of view – the one by polish students, and the other brought to Poland from abroad
  • Discovering beauty everywhere
  • Sharing the experience of foreign student exchanges
  • Developing your photographic skills and creativity
  • Discovering the undiscovered Europe

See the official Discover Europe site:

Each one teach one

Do you want to learn polish and in a meantime make new friendships, get to know polish culture and tradition? Nothing easier! Just take part in ‘Each one teach one’ Program. It’s the best way to learn our language.

You will be taught by polish student in exchange you will teach him/her your foreign language. In a friendly atmosphere, without stressful exams and without any money! How said that learning language have to cost fortune ;-) Don’t wait – just try! How much you will learn depends on you – the sky is the limit!

ESN Olympics

ESN Olympics is a Polish project organized by Erasmus Student Network, that allows foreign students from the whole Poland participation in a sport competition. The project follows the example of the Olympic Games. The winners of eliminations in Polish cities will compete in Warsaw for the title of the best Erasmus sport team in Poland.

Its origin can be found in many local sport initiatives, however, the first big sport competition between Polish universities took place in 2009 in Warsaw during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Erasmus Programme in Poland. The idea of this kind of competition was to both participants’ and organizers’ liking.  Foreign students who came to Poland trained very hard and demanded the organization of the next edition of this project. Therefore, in May 2011 eleven Polish cities fought for the title of the best Erasmus sport team in Poland. In April 2012 the nextnationwide edition of ESN Olympics is going totake place in sport halls of the National Defense University of Warsaw. Competitors from the whole Poland will compete in 4 sport disciplines. 

Both participants and fans claim that ESN Olympics is a fierce competition, which bringsunbelievable emotions, and most importantlyensures a friendly atmosphere in a multinational environment. We hope that this time the project will provide unforgettable impressions to all competitors again, and that in the future we will be able to develop the project on a European scale.

For more info visit:

ESN Travel

TRAVEL program has been prepared in order for exchange students, residing in the Tricity. Our objective is to show them the most beautiful places in Poland, also  to the places where is difficult get there . We inform interested people about great places in Tricity and close surrondings,

Coordinator of TRAVEL program is also in contact with other sections in Poland and in Europe about interesting places to visit.

If you have an idea for a trip, let us know – we can organize something together!

Sailing Trip

Sailing Trip is the best and the most popular project of ESN Gdańsk. The 9th edition
of this epic event will take place in 2013. It has become the flagship project of our
section, and everyone knows that the academic year without sailing is a wasted year!
What is Sailing trip?
It is the May long weekend spent in the most beautiful area of ​Poland, or I could even
say in one of the natural wonders of the world: MAZURY. It is a land of great lakes,
perfect for water sports lovers! Well, but what except the lakes? Sailing, of course!
This is what our trip is about. A few days and nights of sailing among charming
Mazury towns that may surprise us with various attractions, including well-known all
over the world Mamerki bunkers, the capital of Mazury, Mikołajki, where we can also
go to an aqua park, and lovely towns: Giżycko and Węgorzewo. ;)
What do we do during the Saling Trip?
We sail, but we already know it, and what else? First of all, bonfires, night integration
parties! We sing sea shanty songs that all of us love. We do sightseeing, get to know
each other, meet new people and integrate with students from different countries and
much more!
Remember that there are over 14 boats, about 100 Erasmus students and the
members of ESN Gdańsk and 1000 options for spending a great time! ;)
You just have to go to see it for yourself! ;)

HeL(L) SuRFiN'

HeL(L) SuRFiN' is a project carried out by ESN Gdańsk. The event is held on the Hel Peninsula in the north of Poland. It is a great opportunity to spend time practicing sports in international company. Hel Penisula (Półwysep Helski) is known for its great conditions for learning and practicing water sports such as windsurfing and kite-surfing. In May and June (when our event is held) you have the opportunity to both enjoy good weather and avoid crowds that visit Hel (this is the name of the nearby city, seriously).

We welcome to the event all members of Erasmus Student Network, Erasmus students, friends of ESN and other students.

The official web page of the event:

National Event

More info HERE