Discover Europe

Discover Europe is an international photo contest which aims to discover unique places in Europe. 

Are you interested in photography? Have you ever thought about taking part in a photo competition? If so, we're waiting for you!

For the thirteenth time we want to inspire all Europeans to discover the most beautiful places on our continent in an artistic way.

Discover Europe 2016 is a unique photo contest which aims to encourage European students to pursue their passion while arousing an interest in a local culture and traditions among participants.
Our contest is divided into three categories:

  • CITIZEN OF EUROPE - the main task is to present a various images of the citizen of Europe.
  • POSTCARD FROM EUROPE - presenting unique places and landscapes.
  • SUPRISE ME EUROPE - showing amusing or intriguing situations that happened in Europe

And one special: KPMG Success with Passion is category for those authors, who managed to capture this particular sparkle of passion that decides about someone’s success, happiness and satisfaction. We expect pictures that reveal emotions of those who make their way to prosperity, pictures depicting, how doing things with heart and passion turns into success

This year the best young European photographers will be awarded with prizes worth more than €7500, among them travel vouchers, graphics programs, books and money awards.

The competition consists of two stages: of local national and international stages, and the central stage. On the local level participants will take part in either Polish or international stages. The best 10% of photos from each regional stage, after regional jury choice, will pass to the final stage.

The photographs submitted by international students will be rated by a jury of international photographers and other experts from artistic community. The best pictures will then proceed to the final stage. The final stage will determine the winners. A jury made up of academic representatives, students and photographers will gather and select the most impressive pieces of work.


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