Accommodation during your stay in terms of LLP Erasmus Program is organized by ESN Gdańsk.

Most of you will probably live in the district called Wrzeszcz, where your university and all the dormitories are located. Wrzeszcz is known for being “the second centre of Gdańsk”. All the basic places are located within 5-15 minutes from the dormitories and the university. There are: Galeria Bałtycka, the biggest shopping mall in Tricity, Manhattan, which is another shopping mall, restaurants, pizzerias, pubs and clubs (AK PG Kwadratowa, a club owned by Gdańsk University of Technology and V-Club, popular among Erasmus students). You can reach the Old Town by tram in 10 minutes from Wrzeszcz.


To get room in Student Dormitory you have to fill in On-line Erasmus Application for Accommodation in Students Dormitory (here). The application has to be correctly filled in, in case of any problems contact with vice president of Erasmus Program via mail There is no Erasmus fee required.

Every semester we have only 50 places for Erasmus students so getting dormitory depends of time when you fill this application. In previous years everybody get place, sometimes in a week or two after their arrival. So be optimistic you can always look for our help. 

Where are those dormitories?

You will be accommodated in one of our student dormitories (‘Dom Studencki’ in Polish). All of them are located in the vicinity of the GUT campus. Student dormitories are located in two different parts of Gdańsk Wrzeszcz. (
Dormitories n° 5-10 are located on Wyspiańskiego Street. They are surrounded by green lawns with benches to seat. There is a pizzeria and a small shop with food and cigarettes. Closer to Gdańsk University of Technology are placed dormitories n° 1-4, on Traugutta Street. There you also have shops and popular among students bar and club: PRIL and Autsajder.

What will you find there? What to take?

If you are going to live in the dormitory, you will need your own dishes, cutlery and towel. You don't need bedclothes. You will also get a lamp and a telephone (used to communicate between the rooms, dormitories and between the rooms and the receptionist).

The rooms are either two-bedded or three-bedded and most of you will live with other Erasmus students in the rooms.

There is a silence time after 22 p.m when you should behave more quietly in order to not to bother other residents, but you can go in and out of the dormitory whenever you want, even at 4 a.m.:)

In every dormitory there is one bathroom or one toilet for two rooms, which are connected by a small vestibule. Moreover, there are common showers and toilets on every floor, so that you don't have to worry about any queues.

The washing machines are also on every floor, however you need your own detergents.

Remember to take a cable which is necessary to get an Internet connection!

Leaving your room

If you come for winter semester you have to leave your room until the first day of next semester. If you come for whole year or summer semester you should leave your room until the 1 of July but there is possibility for staying in student’s dormitory during holidays.

If you want to extend your stay in Gdańsk for the next semester, you have to inform us one month before date when you suppose to leave.

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